Works of Art

I Was An Eye Witness 2021

Virtual Exhibition

In memory of 20 years of the Twin Towers

Metamorphosis 2021

Virtual Exhibition

Pandemic 2020

Virtual Exhibition

The work mainly focuses on my personal and emotional connection with the pandemic. I examined 2 areas where I have returning issues. One is our relationship with nature and the other is to be a witness of our deteriorating environment.

Budapest Exhibition 2019

Art Market Budapest - Hungary

Environmental Project III
October 3-6, 2019

This year I am back with a series of cloud paintings on mirrors. 2019 is a very scary year for those who believe that we have an ecological crisis. One of the areas where i was searching for answers as a documentary is to study the cloud formation. Since ecology is a science which examines the relationship between human and nature, I used mirrors as my platform to bring ourselves as becoming part of the composition. Cloud formation this year is truly showing a pattern of dangerous new series of events not the typical hurricanes and typhoons like what we used to know before.

Venice Biennale 2019

MUSA International Art Space - Venice, Italy

May 10 - September 2019

An international woman oriented project which has become over the years a great dialogue in which to keep telling stories of contemporary artists from all over the world that have nourished with their experiences and different cultures as well as their art, this weft we’ve been continuing to weave.

Germany Exhibition 2019

Colon, Bonn and Bad Ems, Germany

"Homage to the Trees"
April 14 - June 30, 2019

Venice Biennale 2019

THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space - Venice, Italy

"Fish Kill"
April 11 - May 03, 2019

Venice International Art Fair is a contemporary art fair that presents collective and solo projects by leading and emerging international artists. The art fair features paintings, sculptures, photography art, installations, video art and live performance.

Itsliquid Group Interview with Suzanne C. Nagy

Florida Exhibition 2019

Art Avenue - Sarasota, FL

"The Red Tide"
January 24, 2019

A red tide has plagued the waters of the eastern Gulf of Mexico, turning the formerly pristine coastline a cloudy mud-red and killing off many kinds of wildlife. Her work is a rare documentation of this event that occurred in August 2018 that devastated Florida’s sea life.

(more photos of artwork to be posted soon)

Florida Exhibition 2018

Art Avenue - Sarasota, FL

"Breeze" Exhibition
June18, 2018 - September 30, 2018

From Osprey to Sarasota. Once again, look into Suzanne C. Nagy's works of art from the 5th series of Sustainable Nature Solutions now displayed in one of the largest art galleries in Florida.

Florida Solo Exhibition 2018

Bay Preserve at Osprey, FL

"Breeze" Exhibition
March 14, 2018 - May 25, 2018

Explore the environmental art of Suzanne C. Nagy titled BREEZE which is the 5th and latest installment of her ongoing series Sustainable Nature Solutions. This time her site-specific and event-based work focusing on the Southern part of the United States -- Florida, specifically investigating the unique potential of land conservation, clean water and the purity of the protected Gulf Coast versus the surrounding environment.

Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast - Bay Preserve at Osprey

Artbox.Project New York 1.0 Group Show 2018

Stricoff Gallery - New York

The Armory Art Weeks
March 05-16, 2018

The Armory Art Weeks in New York are considered to be one of the most important art events in the international art market. Every year in March, artists, art collectors, gallery owners and many celebrities meet in New York during these days. Andy Warhol was not the only one who became famous in New York, New York is known worldwide for its illustrious community of artists.

Budapest Exhibition 2017

Art Market Budapest - Hungary

"Vanished" Exhibition
October 12-15, 2017

Vanished is the fourth installment of artist Suzanne C. Nagy’s ongoing series: Sustainable Nature Solution. As with the previous series, Nagy mixes traditional art and technology. She is a multi-faceted, visual artist whose signature works employ epoxy, metal, found objects, LED lights, alongside the conventional mediums of photography, paper, paint and canvas. Vanished marks a further exploration of mediums: wood and rubber. Tree roots and discarded radial tires mark a turn to raw resources, both natural and industrial. These works stand as poetic contemplations about the confluence of forces, nature vs. man, nature’s immeasurable cycles upset by man’s failure to heed the unchecked, environmental consequences of Industry.

Massachusetts Solo Show 2017

Delicate Balance, Martha's Vineyard

Solo Show, Exhibition, June 2017

Artbox.Project Basel 1.0 Group Show 2017

The Euroairport - Basel, Switzerland

Sustainable Nature Solution III - Pulse
June 14-18, 2017

The Art Basel is the most important art fair in the international art market. Every year in June, artists, art collectors, gallery owners and many celebrities meet in Basel. A large part of the approximately 90,000 visitors are traveling through the Euroairport. The Euroairport has a frequency of 7.1 million visitors per year!

New York Show 2017

SoHo, Manhattan

Kevin Alexander presents NY SoHo Show - June 20, 2017


(photos available upon request)

New York - Solo Show 2017

NYU Institute for Public Knowledge - New York

"Vanished" Exhibition
February 02 - March 07, 2017

Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through the complex chemical process of Photosynthesis. Suzanne C. Nagy uses household drains to demonstrate this process that trees utilize both day and night. Her work is a rare documentation of this phenomenon situating the trees' leaves as protagonists, the heroes working to save the earth. Nagy also uses lightboxes to demonstrate the urgent need for sustainable urban planning and replanting. This exhibit is a call to action for all citizens and communities, focusing on heavily congested cities and industrial sites.

Capri, Italy - Solo Show 2016


Solo Show, Exhibition, September 1-24, 2016

Badacsony, Hungary - Solo Show 2016

Red Mud

Solo Show, Exhibition, July - September 15, 2016

Rotterdam, Nederland - Solo Show 2016

Rotterdam Art Fair

Solo Show, Exhibition, September 16-18, 2016

New York, Gallery Artifact - Group Show 2016

Art Up Close

Group Show, Exhibition, September 2016

New York, QCC Gallery. Solo Show 2015-2016

Sustainable Nature solutions II

Solo Show, Exhibition, October 08, 2015 - January 12, 2016

Group Shows, 2015

"Art Shopping" Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

June 12 - 14, 2015

10 of her works was selected.


Barcelona Museum of Modern Art exhibition

April 17 - 19, 2015

MEAM Gomi Palace "Bienal de Arte Barcelona"
Entitle: Acidic water triptych
Size 16" x 10" by 16" x 10" by 16" x 10"
Mixed media LED light box

Palazzo Guicciardi Bongianni

February 21- March 3, 2015

Florance Art
Literary International Award

2nd International BIENNALE OF PALERMO

January 11- 25, 2015

The ''EA Editore'' Cultural Association organizes the second International Biennale of Art of Palermo, to which painters, sculptors, graphic artists and photographer can take part. The event will take place from 11th to 25th of January, 2015.

SCOPE SEEME Miami Art Basel Exhibitions, 2014


December 2 - 7: Art Basel - Miami Beach

SCOPE Art Show returns to the sands of Miami Beach for its 14th edition, amidst tremendous support from the City of Miami Beach, an unprecedented outpouring of critical acclaim from press, curators and collectors, and a digital and social media outreach campaign that garnered over 90 million impressions.

Budapest, LUDWIG Museum Exhibition, 2014

Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art
Budapest, Hungary

Sustainable Nature - Exhibition
October 9, 2014 – November 4, 2014

Sustainable Nature a project by Suzanne CSIKÓS NAGY was inspired by a journey on the Amazon River in February 2014. During her trip Suzanne CSIKÓS NAGY documented intensively the deforestation of the rainforest and the beauty of this part of the world.

New York, SEE.ME Times Square Exhibition, 2014

SeeMe Billboard Take Over
Times Square, New York

Name and image shown alone, 200 feet tall, on the billboard in Times Square

July 24, 2014

Cooperstown, Exhibition, 2014

Art Festival

Group Show: Water

June 5 - June 20

New York, Exhibition, 2014

ROX Gallery
Lower East Side Manhattan

Group Show: I Want Love

Special Valentines show from February 13 - March 7

New York, Exhibition, 2014

Artifact Gallery
Lower East Side Manhattan

Jan 11 - Feb 16

Fracking? The technology is not ready to control the methane gas and there are questions about the drinking water.

Miami, International Art Basel Exhibitions, 2013

December 3 - 8: Art Basel - Miami

Red Dot

European Exhibitions, 2013

New York, Fracking, 2013

Art Exhibition at Womens eNews New York

Exhibition: Exploring Fracking Through Art:
Suzanne Nagy at Women's eNews

Women's eNews presents Suzanne Nagy's latest show exploring environmental degradation and the vast seepage of harmful chemicals that impacts the health of women and children across the U.S.

Heat Balance Equation, 2013

Scientific explanation of global warming and its consequences.

New York, Hurricane Sandy, 2013

3D Transparent Sculptures & Light Boxes by Suzanne C. Nagy

Exhibition: SCOPE Art Fair, New York
312 West 33rd Street, New York, 2013
Booth D05

This time, as an environmental visual artist, Nagy was inspired to deal with the current atmospheric and oceanic conditions. She believes that the warming ocean combined with the hazardous carbon dioxide of the atmosphere, results in extreme weather patterns that will impact our future. She floats the photographic collages in a two-component epoxy solution and by creating a new dimension, she makes the invisible pollution to be seen. Nagy illuminates the horrifying reality of pollution, while the work itself appears as a beautiful object. We are mesmerized by our comfort of high technology, yet we know it is harmful and endangers our earth.

Budapest, Monoliths - The Carbon Road, 2012

Monoliths - The Carbon Road by Suzanne C. Nagy

Exhibition: Artus, Budapest, 2012

Man made artifical buildups.
The black tape which runs through almost every boxes symbolizes the pollution. This is the Carbon Road.
As the unit of the boxes grow the carbon multiplies.

Poland, Photosynthesis, 2012

Photosynthesis by Suzanne C. Nagy

Exhibition: Poznan
International Art Festival, Poznan, Poland
Mediations Biennale 2012

All living things on Earth needs oxygene. Some living organisms produce this essential gas and allow us to correct our mistakes in destroying the Earth. The artist offers a wide range of ideas how to produce clean energy in the future.

Budapest, Polluters, Pollution, 2008, 2010, 2012

Polluters, Pollution by Suzanne C. Nagy

Budapest, Hungary B2 Gallery, 2010
1091 Madison Avenue Gallery, 2008
Budapest 2012, Artus

Provoking our sensibilities and conscience about the environment, the exhibition is the introduction of Polluters, a series that consists of digitally manipulated photos and mixed media pieces. The altered images are embedded in an epoxy solution to create a final three-dimensional photograph. The artist calls her unique light boxes "Capsules".

An alternate perspective emerges in her photographs of industrial landscapes as a way to reinterpret the same subject matter and to challenge "complacence".

Budapest, Remediation, 2008, 2010, 2012

Remediation by Suzanne C. Nagy

Budapest, Hungary B2 Gallery, 2010
1091 Madison Avenue Gallery, 2008
Budapest 2012, Artus

Alternative usage.
Recycling and energy savings and renewable energies.
Three dimensional photographs.

New York, Red Mud, 2011

I WAS AN EYEWITNESS...II by Suzanne C. Nagy

Exhibition: Extended until June 25, 2011
(by appointment) Madison Ave., New York
1091 Madison Avenue Gallery, 2011
Please contact (212) 752-0995

In 2010, Nagy volunteered to work in Devescer, Hungary where alumin sludge spilled from the factory reservoir and destroyed three nearby villages. Nagy took over 200 photographs during the volunteer work and published a book in paperback and ebook formats entitled "Red Mud" that documents the biggest environmental disaster in Europe caused by human negligence.

Her photographs and drawings will be exhibited in April 2011 at the 1091 Madison Avenue Gallery.

A major retrospective show will be exhibited in Berlin in 2011.

Click here to preview the book.

The paperback and ebook versions of "Red Mud" may be purchased from

Berlin and Szentendre, Footprint, 2011

Footprint by Suzanne C. Nagy

Berlin Freies Museum, 2011
Szentendre, Hungary, 2009

Small units of simple structures.

Berlin and Budapest, Accumulation I, 2010

MEXICAN GULF OIL SPILL IN 2010 by Suzanne C. Nagy

Berlin Freies Museum, 2011
Budapest, Hungary B2 Gallery, 2010
Three-dimensional photography

Routing, 2010

Routing by Suzanne C. Nagy

These works were collaged together in the Pollution series.

Berlin and Szentendre, Metamorphosis, 2009

Metamorphosis by Suzanne C. Nagy

Berlin Freies Museum, 2011
Szentendre, Hungary 2009

Combination of the artist's elements into a higher being and an achievement of new aesthetics and meanings.

Szentendre, Microwave, 2008

Microwave by Suzanne C. Nagy

Exhibition: Szentendre, Hungary, 2008

Sculpture installation with metal, wood and plastic boxes. A presentation of a conflict between developed, underdeveloped and modern society.

Nagy's location for the show was a 2000 year old catacomb, built into an art gallery for her show in which she emphasized on three different developments of social structures. Her mediums of expression were metal, wood, and plastic. Her symbolic language was based on the 4 principle elements Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The units were variable.

The wooden masks, the third world, were exhibited together as a river flow that Nagy combined with Achat stones, which have healing powers. They were connected with low current wires but the wires were not in contact with modern life that she symbolized with transparent plastic boxes.

Budapest, September 11, 2002

September 11th - I was an Eyewitness by Suzanne C. Nagy

Exhibition: Budapest, Hungary, 2002

Installation and works on paper. In 2002 the American Embassy awarded Nagy with a prize and an exhibition in Budapest.

Nagy created a time-line from 8:40am to 11:00am. On that evening she joined a large crowd on 14th Street where people were holding candles and building a shrine for the memory of those who died in the World Trade Center. She lives in Greenwich Village and she saw the second plane hit the building. She started to put this series together right after the events as a document.

New York, Wall, 1999

Wall by Suzanne C. Nagy

New York Hungarian Consulate, 2006
Budapest, Hungary, 1999

Remembrance of the Communist dictatorial regime:
Nagy created a symbolic bubble to represent communism. She also philosophically created an object called the "corkscrew," which is in present in almost all paintings in the series. The "corkscrew" is an invisible force that will finally break the bubble at the end. She used modular iron boxes that fit into variable combinations, like legos. This series visually deals with two extremes: monotonous repeated elements and dramatically shrinking spaces.

New York and others, Tale of the Clock, 1982

Tale of the Clock by Suzanne C. Nagy

New York City, 1997
New York City, 1995
Connecticut, 1989
Philadelphia, 1986
Budapest Hungary, 1982

Published book with a short story about the accelerated time versus human conditions. In 2000 Rudy Giuliani, Mayor of New York City selected one of the oil paintings from this series for a special show, where Nagy won the first prize of being one of the most important immigrant artists to represent New York City life.

"The creator of this book-both writer and illustrator-takes the reader into a World where symbols take charge and control over Man: painted stars, half moons, various types of crosses and others. Man becomes the slave of symbols until He discovers that He has to return to the simple laws of Nature".

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