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Spear's (formerly known as Spear's WMS or Spear's Wealth Management Survey), founded in 2006 by William Cash, is a bimonthly British magazine for high-net-worth individuals and those in the financial service industries. It has been called "the Bible of the banking fraternity" by GQ and "a European rival to Forbes" by The Evening Standard.
17th January 2018 by Spear's
"Despite the chorus line of rogues on the world's stage, it's the environment that is inspiring new political art", writes Anthony Haden-Guest.
The Rise of Environmental Activism - On Canvas

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A Faur Zsofi Galeria es az amerikai alom

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Women's eNews presents Suzanne Nagy's latest show exploring environmental degradation and the vast seepage of harmful chemicals that impacts the health of women and children across the U.S. Nagy's three-dimensional, mixed material collages submerged in clear epoxy resin to mimic the undetectable seep of methane gas released from fracking now found in households.
Exploring Fracking Through Art: Suzanne Nagy at Women's eNews

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The so-called war on women waged by Republicans has stirred the creativity of over 180 artists, many based in New York City, who are participating in an exhibit hosted by SOHO20 gallery. WeNews correspondent by Sadiya Ansari - Wednesday, August 8, 2012
Backlash: New York Artists Fight the War on Women

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Lorraine Anne Davis is a fully Accredited Specialist of Photography in the Appraisers Association of America


Thomson Reuters is the world's largest international multimedia news agency.

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Sustainable Nature Solution III - The Artbox.Projects, June-July 2017

QCC Art Gallery, New York, Sustainable Nature solutions II, 2015-2016

Ludwig Museum Budapest, Sustainable nature I, 2014

Poznam, Budapest

Berlin Art Price 2016

La Tua Arte Nel Sociale - Romas, 18 December 2013

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