Monoliths - The Carbon Road

This work is focused on the XXI century and on the new world we live in. The artist uses symbolic images and languages and built vertical gigantic monoliths representing pollution which can be explained by our inheritance from our past. She is raising her voice to warn us about the danger we face based on Einstein's physical discoveries, Heidegger's philosophy and other sources. Our future is built on past achievements. The changes, conflicts, miscommunications, successes are all represented in her work.

She guides us through the great industrial revolution with her black artist tape which is running through her boxes to represent the beginning of the carbon era. As the history evolves the masking tape gets more pronounced on each individual boxes. Her symbolical number seven represents all the different kinds of monoliths she examined and put them into a circular rotated form hanging from above not touching the ground to represent the present stage of vulnerability. The surface of the boxes are also colored and the tape is not always attaching the next line. The artist built the boxes together, purposely discontinuing the lines using a building method to create tension between the boxes. This condition creates a situation where the monoliths are no longer able to pile in the gravitational space. This is why in her installation the last monolith, the "Head", can fall off since it lost its stability. The sculptures are floating in the air between the positive and negative space of the earth where gravitation can throw them off balance. A circle is drawn on the ground.

The inner part of the circle is the positive space and the outer part is the negative space. In her installation she represents seven different areas, which she purposely led to an apocalyptic situation. Among the seven sculptures four of the sculptures rotate and creates electric smog, as the circle closes down, the monoliths are getting closer and closer to each other until the last monolith hits the floor and creates a cataclysmic situation hoping that all these monoliths will break down and future buildups can therefore continue horizontally. This installation is a very complex and meaningful historical statement.

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